Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Binding books

oil on canves 11*14

Those books is two of "Twenty-Four Histories of China" book set, It is the ancient Chinese dynasties history books written by 24 general, It start at the "Yellow Emperor" (2550 BC), and ends at Ming "Chongzhen" 17 years (1644), namely, volume 3213, about 40 million words.

Pastel Porcelain and Black Purple Sand teapot

oil on canves 9*11

Pastel is a way for overglaze decorated porcelain,It start at Qing Emperor Kangxi years, and based on the subject in multicolored enamel caused by the impact of the new species is added in the mix when painting a white color material "glass of white." "Glass White" has the opaque effect, draw the design characteristics of play rendering techniques, presenting a kind of powder profit experience, thus, called "Pastel" or "soft color."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Landload

oil on canves, 11*14

Well, he is my friend too,he just always can enjoy little things,and sometimes made me so jealousy :)
I think I dont like to print friends, because they always think they look better and prettier than the one I printed, I wlways cannot relax while I am printing friend's portrait,specially woman.